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Structural Engineering Design

Complete structural calculations and structural drawings for commercial, residential and public work projects. We work closely with the Architect and other consultants through the design process to provide the most efficient design while not compromising the architectural integrity.

Construction Consultation

Comprehensive support during the construction process including timely response to RFI's, review of shop drawings and Structural Observation Services. Understanding the urgency of questions during construction, Vinci & Associates makes it a priority to respond quickly to field questions and unforeseen conditions that often arise during the construction process.

Photovoltaic System Intallation Engineering

Complete structural engineering for roof mounted and ground mounted photovoltaic systems. Our report includes and analysis of the connection of the racking system to the structure to resist wind uplift, gravity check of the roof and framing and a seismic impact study of the structure resulting from the PV system.

Structural Engineering Consultation Services

Evaluation of structures and elements of structures. Vinci & Associates has experience reviewing current buildings as well as archaic ones. We have experience with un-reinforced brick masonry, un-reinforced stone masonry, 1900 era reinforced concrete and heavy timber, as well as structures built throughout the past 80+ years of concrete, wood, masonry and steel.

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